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Collection: Specialty Beads

Add some fun and whimsy to your designs by adding in our specialty beads.  From cute and cuddly creatures to stars and hearts, you can't go wrong with these amazing beads!
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  • 40mm Silicone Rings
    40mm Silicone Rings
  • Bow Beads
    Bow Beads
  • Cactus Beads
    Cactus Beads
  • Cloud Beads
    Cloud Beads
  • Conch Shell Beads
    Conch Shell Beads
  • Cookie Beads
    Cookie Beads
  • Daisy Beads
    Daisy Beads
  • Dino Beads
    Dino Beads
  • Flamingo Beads
    Flamingo Beads
  • Football Beads
    Football Beads
  • Heart/Star Cube Beads
    Heart/Star Cube Beads
  • Hedgehog Beads
    Hedgehog Beads
  • I Heart Mom/Dad Beads
    I Heart Mom/Dad Beads
  • Jumbo Heart Bead
    Jumbo Heart Bead
  • Jumbo Star Bead
    Jumbo Star Bead
  • Koala Beads
    Koala Beads
  • Ladybug Beads
    Ladybug Beads
  • Llama Beads
    Llama Beads
  • Marshmallow Star Beads
    Marshmallow Star Beads
  • Mini Heart Beads
    Mini Heart Beads
  • Mini Rose Beads
    Mini Rose Beads
  • Mini Star Beads
    Mini Star Beads
  • Monstera Leaf Beads
    Monstera Leaf Beads
  • Owl Beads
    Owl Beads
  • Penguin Beads
    Penguin Beads
  • Pumpkin Beads
    Pumpkin Beads
  • Rainbow Beads
    Rainbow Beads
  • Seashell Beads
    Seashell Beads
  • Sly Fox Beads
    Sly Fox Beads
  • Sunflower Beads
    Sunflower Beads
  • Turtle Beads
    Turtle Beads
  • Unicorn Beads
    Unicorn Beads