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Important Information

Questions or Comments:  please email us at help@americanteethingsupply.com

Discount Codes: all applicable codes must be entered at checkout and cannot be applied after a transaction has been completed.

Combined Shipping/Order Add-Ons:  In order to keep our shipping fees and processing times low, we are unable to offer combined shipping or add-on orders anymore.  Our shipping fee is only $5 and orders over $100 get free shipping, because who doesn't love FREE stuff?!

Shipping Fees:  Shipping fees are non-refundable.  On occasion, if we see that more than one order has been placed by an individual, we may go ahead and combine those orders into one package to try and reduce the overall shipping costs that we will incur. 
Because each order adds additional weight and payment processing fees, our shipping charges are non-refundable, as they help us cover these additional charges.   
Postage on nearly every package costs us more that we charge our customers, so this policy helps us keep our shipping fees down for all of you, despite the recent increase in postage rates.
When orders are combined, it usually results in one of them being expedited, so we hope you will see this as a benefit to you.

Color Variations:  Colors will look different from one screen to the next, so if a color looks a little different on the computer, try looking at it on your phone as well, or vice versa.  Also, colors can vary slightly from one batch to the next, or between different manufacturers, and ATCS cannot be held responsible for these color variations. To keep items in stock we may order the same items from various manufacturers, which may cause a slight and unavoidable difference in appearance. 

Secret word 1:  Crimson

Order Packaging:  As a wholesale supplier, we operate differently than most retail supply shops. We make every effort to keep costs as low as possible for our customers and in doing so have found that individual baggies for each individual color requires not only a price increase for packaging supplies and labor costs, but it also forces us to extend our turnaround time drastically for the woman-hours required. 
Many customers have mentioned that they have been inspired by some of the color combinations that they see in their large bag of beads, so be sure to take a look at your bags before sorting them! 

Refunds, Cancellations, and Exchanges:  please see our Refund Policy page here https://americanteethingsupply.com/policies/refund-policy

Shipping Policy: for international and domestic shipping information and TAT, please see our Shipping Policy page here https://americanteethingsupply.com/policies/shipping-policy

Secret word 2:  Rules